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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Some VERY big news...

Hi Guys,

Very recently my boyfriend and I went away for a cottage weekend in Shropshire. We had been together for 6 years and really fancied a weekend of chilling out and wandering through small traditional towns and the countryside.

The cottage itself was absolutely beautiful, settled in the middle of sheep covered fields and miles away from the local town. As part of our 'anniversary' we had both agreed to take a period of time to organise an activity for each other. Unfortunately I got stuck with the daytime and Jim got lucky with the evening.

After researching the local area I found a Victorian Village, which you could wander, change up your money into old pennies and spend the day in the victorian age. As we're both history geeks I thought it would be perfect. So on Saturday morning I presented Jim with his 'anniversary' card and a note giving him a hint and the postcode for where we were going. Half way there I gave him more clues until he eventually guessed what it was. After stepping into an introduction film, we opened the doors to a 52 acre victorian village, equipped with actors, shops and railway. It was AMAZINGG! 
Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side, but after buying old fashioned chips and a coke each we ended up in the pub for a good ol' singsong.

After arriving back at the cottage I ended up having a nap, only to be woken up an hour later with a huge bubble bath and new dress all picked and layed out by Jim! He explained that we would be going for dinner in the town and that a taxi would be arriving shortly to take us there.

When we got to the restaurant it dawned on me that not only was this a fancy restaurant, it was a michelin star restaurant (glad I was suitably dressed!) They bought the menu over and Jim explained that he had arranged with the chef for us to have our own separate menu. 

Now any other girl at this point must have considered he had gone a little overboard, 
but sadly not me!

The food was some of the best I have and will ever eat! So just after dinner the restaurant manager wandered past and left a phone on the side table, me not realising thought it was one that a customer had left behind. Then it started ringing....a song with a long intro and one that was very familiar to me. As soon as I realised what song it was I turned around to Jim and there he was...

......On one knee in front of the whole restaurant!!!! 

Obviously I said yes, which led to a rather loud applause from fellow restaurant goers and the restaurant manager rushing over with Champagne :) 

I couldn't wait to tell my parents and when I did I found out that they had known for a very long time and hadn't mentioned a word to anyone. I had no idea!

Back at the cottage I was greeted by a huge bouquet of roses as well as a candlelit Champagne picnic!  Needless to say it sounds like something out of a film and it really was the most perfect night of my entire life. Even writing this out fills me with nerves and excitement at what is to come.  I'm so lucky to have found my Mr. Right at such a young age, so I'm sure my future posts will include organising our engagement party as well as our plans to move out. Then before we know it, it'll be the big day.... 

Thanks & Freckles,



  1. Congratulations! That sounds like the perfect evening and mini-break away. It sounds like he put a whole lot of thought into proposing, you're very lucky.

    1. Thank you Lisa! It really was, the only problem is - he's stuck with me for good now :) x

  2. Aww congratulations, that sounds like the perfect getaway! Love the ring as well :) x

  3. OMG! Congratulations and jubilations. This is mega exciting. I love "love stories".
    I'm now following you :)
    Please check out my blog, and if you like what you see follow me too :)



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