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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wedding Plans.....

Hi Guys,

Since my last post it seems to have been non-stop planning for our engagement party and the very distant wedding, so I thought I'd give you a little update on the plans...

So last weekend Jim and I had a formal viewing of what could be the most amazing wedding venue we have ever seen, Hengrave Hall in Bury St Edmunds. We have been looking loads for the perfect venue and after a long awaited viewing we finally saw it on Sunday.

We arrived via the guest entrance which consisted of a mile or so long road directly up to Hengrave Hall. It was breathtaking.  The wildlife that surrounded us on the drive up was amazing. Phesants, Rabbits and birds - I literally felt like a disney princess with them all running along side us! Haha

The hall proved to speak for itself as we were both speechless.  Each and every room had been decorated perfectly and the chapel of reflection nearly had me in tears.  The Queen Elizabeth bridal suite was out of this world, with a dark wooden four poster bed, an en-suite and one of the biggest mirrors I had ever seen.  I turned to Jim in utter excitement and noticed HIM welling up! - Wimp!!

Then we went to the place I was most looking forward to - the church. Tucked beside the hall amongst trees and bushes in such a small beautiful setting.  Not only was it small and intimate but would make it so much easier for the guests not having to faff around with cars and directions to the venue.  We wandered over to the west terrace where Cat our coordinator explained would be filled with over a thousand roses and flowers all in full bloom.  The lawns would be filled with large outdoor activities for guests with my favourites being Connect Four and Jenga. By this point I came to the realisation that they really had thought of everything.  We walked into the children's play room, full to the brim of books, toys and films and WHICH!.. if we wanted we could hire a nanny! (Seriously a nanny) Finally we were ushered around each and every guest room and cottage proving that although an hour and a half away, we could have everyone stay with us on the night of the wedding :)

We both left there in a daze, but not forgetting our information pack with every single thing we could possibly need and want. The only downside of having the ultimate wedding venue of your dreams...the cost :( After working out all the financials it seems that we'll be eating bread and butter for the next three years but.. we can actually afford it!

Now all we need is a second viewing with our parents to try and plan the details and we'll hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) have a booking once the new year is here! Phew

If i'm honest me being as unorganised as I am, thought I'd still be rushing things up until the last few months and weeks before the big day, but luckily for me I researched early!

I was wondering if you have any tips or ideas for us to have either at the wedding or engagement party?? Let me know :)

Thanks & Freckles,


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